Recruitment statusOpen

  • img01DPS Death Knight
  • img2Balance/Resto Druid
  • img04Mage
  • img4Windwalker/Mistweaver Monk
  • img06Holy Paladin
  • img1Holy/Disc Priest
  • img1Rogue
  • img1Resto Shaman
  • img5Warlock
  • img1DPS Warrior

* Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply.

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About us

Angered is a gaming community that was formed in 2010 to raid PvE content in World of Warcarft. The community consists of players from all regions, norweigans, danes, swedes, brits and even a crazy arab or two, making us an international community that communicates in English.

The community has a history that pans over several video games, most notably World of Warcarft. During the communities prime in World of Warcarft we were a dominant force in the 10m world rankings, finishing Cataclysm as the world 6th 10m guild - world 1st English speaking.

After Cataclysm a few peoples real lives caught up and the community transitioned into a more laid back community aiming for a productive, efficient & enjoyable atmosphere.

We will be raiding 20 man Mythic content in World of Warcraft.

We are also currently raiding in Final Fantasy 14.

We consider ourselves very laid back, sociable and enjoyable people to be around and that is something we strive to maintain.