Angered are recruiting!

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Angered are recruiting!

Postby Admin » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:11 pm

Angered is once again raiding and recruiting.

During the start of Legion our approach to the game was one of a very social nature. Clearing Heroic content and raiding Mythic content as and when our limited roster allowed us, our continued passion for the game has once again reached a point where we'd like to commit to raiding Mythic in an efficient manor. Expanding our limited roster so that we're large enough to be raiding Mythic content reliably 9 hours a week.

Our attitude moving forward is to create a sociably enjoyable atmosphere, for those that cannot commit to raiding extensive hours each week, but would still like to spend a few evenings a week progressing content at a reliable and efficient pace, because of this it's important there is a passion and drive to achieve results in-game.

Our core leadership exists of players from Top 10 world guilds and we'd like to fill our roster with like minded skillful players, with the correct approach and mentality towards the game. Whilst that is our end goal, we are currently going through the process of doing so, so it's a small work in progress.

Our raiding times are planned to be the folllowing;

Wednesday 19:00-22:00 CET
Sunday 19:00-22:00 CET
Monday 19:00-22:00 CET

With potential extended hours or days in the first week of Heroic & Mythic respectively.

We are always looking to recruit, however we are currently specifically on the looks for the following class';

Any capable and experienced healer.

If you're interested in joining us, please don't hesitate to view our application forums, here. There you will find everything you need to know about the history of Angered and it's current status.
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