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Guild Rules

Postby Admin » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:15 pm

These guild rules have been discussed amongst the leadership and have all been agreed upon.

1. Angered is an English speaking guild - whilst we host players from many regions any important discussions during raid will be communicated in English. A good understanding of the English language is necessary.

2. Players are required to maintain exceptionally high attendance levels, unless unique situations occur maintaining that shouldn't be too much to ask. In order to achieve the guild goals we need to ensure players are able attend a high amount of raids. The guild cannot achieve productive raids if the roster is altered every raid.

3. Raids may or may not be extended if the instance has not been fully cleared at the end of the week or a progression boss is very close to dying. This however will be discussed amongst the leadership and everyone involved in the raid to ensure this is something everybody can commit to at the given time.

4. We expect players to be online and ready to commence raiding at 19:00. 19:00 is the start time of raids, not the 'log on' time.

5. We expect players to put in time of their own to ensuring their character attends raids in an optimal manner, that includes obtaining AP, doing M+ in your own time, and generally playing through the content the game also provides outside of the raids.

6. Your actions reflect on the guild. More importantly what you say and do outside of raids will hinder or improve the reputation the guild has. You agree that you will act in a professional manner during all times in game whilst using the <Angered> guild tag, we heavily value the reputation our guild has and have a history of being well respected members of the community, we don't want to jeopardize that.

7. The guild is only as strong as it's weakest member - it is important everyone is on the same page and is motivated to achieve the aforementioned guild goals. If one person shows up to the raid with 5 less traits then every body else, it becomes a reflection of that persons commitment and motivation.

8. Loot is distributed with a loot council based system that takes into account the following factors;

Attendance, Attitude & Performance
Individual upgrade

and the most important factor;

Biggest guild benefit.

Ultimately everyone enjoys receiving loot in order to improve their personal performance to justify themselves being in the raid, however loot will ultimately be awarded to players based on those factors. Officers are no more important than members, trials will have a slightly lower priority but are in no way exempt from receiving loot - the overall guild benefit is the ultimate factor.

These rules are subject to change and will be adjusted and improved as the guild develops in the future. The ultimate goal with these rules is to establish structure within the guild that helps everyone have an enjoyable time and atmosphere whilst achieving the aforementioned goals.
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